Cambridge Creatives has been undergoing some major changes as a result of complications with editorial and web management. For this reason, the old website has expired and become unavailable and this is why we haven’t been able to accept fresh content for quite some time. When I (Hello! I’m Rebekah, the Editor!) spoke to the slightly disbanded (though ever enthusiastic!) committee, it was agreed that we all thought Cambridge Creatives shouldn’t be left to die a slow death! But it was also agreed that the old website wasn’t working and the extent of responsibilities we’d assigned ourselves as a small team, were far too ambitious.

By reining things back to a far simpler web design and a clearer idea about what we want to commit ourselves to – we can hopefully now begin to get CC back up on its feet! At the heart of our work on this publication over the years, we’ve always kept three key aims in mind:

1.) To maintain a platform for creatives at any level of experience (poets, playwrights, authors, musicians, artists, photographers, choreographers, dancers, singers and more!) to see their work published.

2.) To build a community of creatives in Cambridge and provide the platform for those creatives to find each other’s work so that they may see potential opportunities for collaboration.

3.) To inform creatives based in Cambridge and further afield about creative opportunities and events through our social media.

Whilst these aims have always remained the same, we’d now like to add a further aim.

4.) Support – This will be through feedback (where possible) of creative work and possibilities for mentorship. We also want to see the element of ‘community’ come back in a more open way – Cambridge Creatives is FOR YOU! If you want to organise an event under our ‘umbrella’ or a social gathering. Please. Get. In. Touch!

On a final note – Thank you for your ongoing support of CC and for your enthusiasm. Hopefully this is the first step towards shaping a more manageable and rewarding publication.

Many thanks,

Rebekah Miron


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